The science of human reproduction tells us that after sexual intercourse, about 200 to 300 million sperms are ejaculated by the man into the female reproductive tract. The sperms begin to swim upwards within the tract to meet with the ovum. From the vagina, through the cervix and the womb to the fallopian tubes, the competing sperms had to overcome both chemical and physical barriers to make it to the site of fertilization in one of the tubes. But out of the over 200 million that are ejaculated only about 500 reach the site of fertilization in the fallopian tube. While some are lost through vaginal spermatoreflux (backflow of semen after a man ejaculates into the vagina), others get tired on the way because it is a tough race. While many too are overcome by the acidity in the vagina, others are blocked by the mucus in the cervix. While others are attacked and destroyed by the woman’s body defense cells called phagocytic leukocytes that see the sperm cells as aliens in the womb, some enter into the wrong tube. The 500 that managed to reach the ovum (egg), had to break through the two protective layers covering the egg (corona radiata and zona pellucida) to fertilize it. What is, however, astonishing about the whole process of fertilization is that the first sperm to reach the egg is never the one to fertilize it. Rather hundreds of sperm had to help degrade the two layers covering the egg until a path is created to allow one sperm to contact and fuse with the plasma membrane of the ovum. The winning sperm in your case was you. You won the race to life when in fact you were neither the first to begin it nor the fastest to run it nor the first to arrive at the site of fertilization.  

Lessons for self-improvement:

If you consider the loss of millions of sperms between ejaculation and fertilization, you will understand what the bible meant by “the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong.” And why God told Jeremiah that "He (God) knew him before he formed him in the womb and ordained him as a prophet before he was born." The one thing I know about you is that your very existence is proof of God's divine plan for you. You were created with the best of intention and divine purpose by the creator and originator of all life. You did not only survive the greatest and gruesome races ever run in life but that thousands had to die so you could win the race. Understand that God chose you over the rest of the 200 million-plus competitor sperms. Just as he did it when you were but a cell, and too tiny for the human eye to see, He has promised to do it again in your earthly life. In Psalm 91, God promises to be your shield against all evil and will cause a thousand to fall at your side and ten thousand on your right. Whatever challenges you are going through now is nothing compared to what you overcame in the womb. Your claim to becoming what you could be is not a matter of luck or chance. It is actually in the fiber of your being. You don’t need a competitive advantage to win in life. You are a competitive advantage. You don’t need the way to greatness; you are the way. You don’t need a miracle. You are that miracle.

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Jude Aziz

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