Who we are

About peFHEW

Peoples' Foundation For Health and Wealth is a registered not-for-profit organization headquartered in the Sunyani Municipality, Ghana. 

The organization is underscored summarily by the phrase: Health is Wealth. Our goal is to enhance and promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities while also educating and improving their capacity to create wealth and be successful in life. 

The African continent is endowed with an overwhelming abundance of natural resources and climate that support virtually any human economic activity. Despite these blessings, the continent remains underdeveloped and ravaged by poverty and innumerable health problems. Poverty, poor governance, and corruption are the prime factors the continent is unable to keep pace with the rest of the world. 

Poor health affects the ability to create wealth. Chronic and severe ill-health affects the capacity of people to work thus, reducing their productivity and, in most cases, can lead to the loss of sustainable livelihood. When incomes are low, people are unable to save, invest, feed their families well, and access quality health care and good education. When people are sick, they stay at home or spend productive hours seeking health care and, therefore, unable to work and generate sustainable incomes. 

And without a good education, people will not have the requisite knowledge and employable skills to be productive. As people in this poverty bracket marry and raise children, they hand over these conditions to them. As the children turn adults, they find spouses who are just on the same poverty level as themselves. As their children also come along, they are handed over this condition and will, in turn, grow up in the same conditions. Without interventions, the vicious cycle of poverty continues, which ultimately undermines the productivity and economic development of a country. 

Poverty has forced many youths to risk all in search of better lives abroad through perilous desert routes and the Mediterranean sea. 


'peFHEW' aims to help people live healthy-wealthy lives through the provision of targeted services, training, and support programs on health, wealth creation, general self-improvement, and poverty alleviation. 

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1. To promote and enhance community and individual health and well-being through health education, community health outreaches, and clinical care.

2. To empower people with entrepreneurial knowledge and business skills.

3. To build a non-partisan platform for health experts and social entrepreneurs to share the knowledge that promotes global health agendas and sustainable socio-economic development.

4. To provide customized intervention and social support programs for individuals and communities with specific health and socio-economic needs.


Ensuring people have sound health to pursue wealth


Raising healthy wealthy people.