Who We are


Our work revolves around helping people live healthy-wealthy lives through the provision of targeted services, training, and support programs on health, wealth creation, general self-improvement, and poverty alleviation.

peFHEW Programs and Services

Health is Wealth

We partner with corporate health organizations to promote and foster community and individual well-being through health education, community-health outreaches, and clinical care amongst others.

Entrepreneurship Training

Our entrepreneurship training program is designed to empower people with business and entrepreneurial skills.  The foundation engages professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are successful in their field of endeavors and areas of passion to share their pathways and novel approaches to business and entrepreneurial success.

Participants in this training program gain:

  • Leadership, entrepreneurial and business management skills
  • Understanding of the local business environment
  • Strategies to access start-up capital for small and micro-businesses
  • Networking experience.

General Self-Improvement

We organize General Self-improvement seminars and conferences designed to help the youth discover their potentials to live their dreams. Attendees are exposed to timeless strategies for dealing with challenges, learning from difficulties, and finding opportunities and possibilities in their very own localities and the challenges they go through.

Social Service Interventions

Our social service interventions are geared towards:

  • Improving the health and living conditions of rural and disadvantaged communities
  • Provision of customized intervention and support programs for individuals and disadvantaged communities
  • Alleviation of poverty and hunger
  • Combating environmental degradation and climate change.

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